Why Collab

Why Clients Choose Us?

  1. Reduced Cost per hire: Combining seasoned recruiters from our onsite facility with a dedicated offshore team, our unique delivery model accelerates staff deployment and offers reduced cost per hire.
  2. Quick Turnaround: By leveraging global timetables and skills we track the best talent 24×7, we are able to turnaround for most of the open positions within 24-48 hours.
  3. Perfect 10 Methodology: Our “Perfect 10” Methodology helps us find the right fit for the job. Apart from satisfying the needs of the job, some of the things “Perfect 10” Methodology addresses are the company culture, industry specific nuances, specific needs of the consultant etc.
  4. CollabWay, the Collab Guarantee: We want our clients to be delighted by our services. Every service that we provide is backed CollabWay, the Collab Guarantee.
  5. Onboarding & Offboarding: Collab’s onboarding process abides by all client timelines, as well as legal and regulatory requirements. Some of the checks and balances include: background checks, drug testing, skills testing, E-Verify, NDA agreements, reviewing consultant safety and security, and more. Collab has formulated an effective off-boarding process to ensure a smooth transition at the client site as well as to minimize any negative impact on employee morale.

Why Consultants Choose Us?

  1. Consultant Care: Collab has created a unique consultant relationship management system replete with resource support, communication, and retention administration.
    It is Collab’s priority to welcome each new consultant to its team and assure consultant satisfaction by providing a wide range of easily-accessible resources, intrinsic support, and periodic communications.
  2. Redeployment: Collab strives to eliminate the bench period for consultants. Well before a given project ends, we begin to cross-reference the consultant’s skill-sets against existing and anticipated job openings among our big and growing client base.
  3. Recognition & Rewards: Collab believes in acknowledging its consultants for exemplary performance and rewards the high achievers.
  4. Customized Benefits: As unique is every person so is his or her need for benefits. Keeping this in mind we have a very flexible benefit package, which can be customized as per your requirements.
  5. Bonus/Extra Opportunities: We believe in ongoing collaboration with consultants; they earn handsome bonus through referrals, shared opportunities. Please click here to refer a friend.
  6. There is a job for everyone: We firmly believe that a right candidate can be found for every job and a right job can be found for every candidate.